The White Ship, Page 1

The White Ship, Page 1

And off we are on a new comic! Well, sort of new; I originally drew The White Ship inbetween chapters of my old comic “The Stiff,” which at the time was being published on the webcomics collective site It hasn’t been online since I left girlamatic on friendly terms in 2008, and the minicomic edition that I made is long ago sold out. It’s one of my favorite Lovecraft stories — then again, I also like “The Green Meadow,” so what do I know — and it was a pleasure to illustrate. Let me know what you think, and if you like it, please tweet it and otherwise pass it on!

I’m making one slight change of plans… after this week, new pages will be going up on Tuesday and Thursday instead of Monday and Wednesday. After The White Ship is complete, stay tuned for my adaptation of “Celephais”!

NEXT UPDATE: January 26!

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  1. Ken Kobori says:

    Beautiful rendition of the lighthouse, Jason. You can practically hear and feel the boom and crash of the surf on the rocks, and the overflow draining out of the tidepools. I also enjoyed all the nautical curios and books (including a few carvings which look oddly familiar). Did you use any specific lighthouse as the model for the North Point Light?

    For someone who didn’t like seafood Lovecraft certainly set a lot of his stories in or near the sea!

  2. Esn says:

    Beautiful page. I can almost feel the seaweed on those rocks.

  3. Wonderful work on bringing Lovecraft’s tales to life with pictures!

  4. Jason says:

    @Sarah – Thanks! I just put up a new page of The Doom That Came to Sarnath… hopefully I’ll be done with that story soon!

  5. […] after reading a comic adaptation by the amazing Jason Bradley Thompson as well as his rendering of “The White Ship” and “The Strange High House in the Mist” a seed was planted in my head. In late summer […]