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Map of the Lands of Dream (B&W Version)

One of the things I’ve been working on for the Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath graphic novel is a map of the Dreamlands, as described in Dream-Quest and other Lovecraft stories. The results which will appear in the book are here, or here if you want a closer to full-size version.

Just to reassure everybody, this map *isn’t* the same as the poster map which will be included for “Journeyman Dreamer” and up level backers — that map will be a 24″x36″ color map which will more or less look like a color version of this but will also include some other stuff off the edges of the map, including some locations I couldn’t squeeze into this version. But for this book version I tried to include all the important stuff from “The Doom That Came to Sarnath”, “The Quest of Iranon”, “Dream-Quest”, “The Other Gods”, “The Cats of Ulthar,” “Celephais” and some of his shorter stories and poetry. I’ve also included some areas described by other authors who inspired or were inspired by Lovecraft — the incredible Lord Dunsany and the great Gary Myers — or in some cases, authors I had to include just because.

The most famous map of the Dreamlands is probably the one included in Chaosium’s “Dreamlands” supplement for Call of Cthulhu, of which the most recent version was drawn by Andy Hopp, but I didn’t look at that one so as to try not to copy it. If this map still has similarities to that one, hopefully it’s from following the same text, although I’ll never be able to forget all my years playing Call of Cthulhu. It’s interesting how the continents of the Dreamlands mimic that “T-O” shape used in Medieval European maps, which usually depicted the world as a circle with a T-shape drawn in it, with the world divided into three parts: Africa, Europe and Asia. Here, that would be the North, the West and the East, all of which have their own character, from the jungles of Parg to the vast and dusty deserts of the east, from the Basalt Pillars of the West the fearsome icy heights of the North. I’m looking forward to coloring it and expanding the map out to the southern edge of the Earth and beyond. This is fun! Hope you like it!

Redrawing Pages – Strange High House in the Mist

I’ve scanned all the pages of Dream-Quest and am working on getting the book into shape. I’m making some little tweaks to the old artwork, and a few pages have been particularly messy, with crumbling whiteout, liquefied screentone and other disasters that can happen to Bristol Board pages stored in a box for 10 years. (Actually, they were in nice light-blocking photo-sleeves, but…)

I lost all the pages to “The White Ship” and most of the pages of “The Strange High House in the Mist,” but I had most of them in digital format, so it wasn’t a problem. However, there was one page of “Strange High House” I only had in low-res and so had to completely redraw. The original version is here, but the new version is the one that’ll be going into the graphic novel. Click on the image for a bigger version!

Redrawing Pages – Celephais

I redrew some panels of Celephais page 10 for the graphic novel edition. You can see the original version here, but I was never really satisfied with it and I’m glad I had time to redraw it. Perhaps the new version telegraphs the ending a little more, and certainly the mood is different, but I like it. Ultimately the change was made for layout/balance reasons.

(Note from February 6, 2012: I eventually drew the page even more for the graphic novel: the final version is here.)

Randolph Carter Dream Dolls!

After weeks of behind-the-scenes work, I’m able to announce a fabulous new Lovecraftian (Kadathian?) toy… Randolph Carter (Dream-Form) Dolls!

These huggable soft dream dolls are based on Randolph Carter’s form within the Dreamlands as seen in my comic adaptation of Dream-Quest. Hand-crocheted and designed by French-Lebanese artist Katia Farage, each doll comes with a nightgown and sleeping cap sewn by my wife, Jumana Al Hashal.

There are only five handmade dolls, available to backers of the new “Cosmic Entity of the Freedom of Dreamless Sleep” level on Kickstarter. Put them on your pillow to guard your dreams! Take them to tea parties! Enjoy some Lord Dunsany together! Photoshop them into pictures illustrating scenes from “Dream-Quest”! The possibilities are endless!

Yes, this is a real thing! Thanks to my friend Katia and my wife Jay for their help and long hours of crocheting!