Drawing the Map

For the poster map of the Dreamlands, I wanted to get away from the standard design of the “Dreamlands map” printed in various Call of Cthulhu Dreamlands supplements (beautiful though it is). My B&W map included in the book, for all my efforts to make it different, is inevitably influenced by the Call of Cthulhu design that I pored over so many times from the time in high school when I bought H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands.

My first thought in drawing the new map was, I wanted to show EVERYTHING, including the southern edge of the world which no one ever draws because all the action in “Dream-Quest” is in the northern half. (Kadath seems to be at the north pole, although there are “rumoured abnormalities of proportion in those trackless leagues” of the north, presumably meaning that extremely long distances of space are compressed into the area around it, as shown in the scene when the night-gaunts are drawn towards Kadath at the speed “of a planet in its orbit” and it still takes them awhile to get there. This image may have been inspired by a scene in Lord Dunsany’s “The Queen of Elfland’s Daughter” where the King of Elfland magically pulls Elfland away from the real world to thwart a questing knight, so that the knight would have to walk millions of miles. It also makes me think of Son Goku walking 1,000,000 km on the Serpent Road in “Dragon Ball,” but anyway.) As this sketch shows, I had the idea of drawing the whole world as a globe floating in space, surrounded by other spheres/planets, the celestial gardens watered by the Arinurian Streams, and the oceans of the world spilling out into space in certain places, like a fountain.

In my first draft of the map, I tried to draw all the mountains and cities radiating out from the middle. I had the idea that, if Kadath was the north pole, the Sunset City/Hesperia should be on the south pole, since it fulfills the role of a mirror/shadow of Kadath in “Dream-Quest.” (And after all, Nyarlathotep does tell Carter that the City is somewhere in Earth’s Dreamlands.) Since it’s on the south pole, I placed it behind the Mountains of Madness, which I assume are in the Dreamlands, since the name was invented by Lord Dunsany in his dream story The Hashish Man. However, although I think the radial map was a good idea, in practice it proved to be difficult to draw recognizable landscape features and make it look good from every angle. (Plus it was pointless, if people were going to be keeping the map on their wall and not turning it constantly.) Also, I knew I was designing the map for a 2’x3′ poster, and it looked weird having the world shaped like an oval. Then there was the everpresent problem of drawing the ‘whole world’ in Mollweide projection even though the Dreamlands are clearly supposed to be flat or flat-ish — since you call fall off the edge of the world past the Basalt Pillars of the West, and in the East, if Gary Myers is canon, the world is bounded by Mhor, and the Vale of Night beyond.

After such thoughts, I eventually decided to redraw the whole world in the style of a bi-hemispherical world map, of the type which was popular in the early 18th century. I placed Azathoth on the top of the map, ruling over the world, in the position that Christ sometimes occupied in Medieval mappa mundi. Drawing the world as a bi-hemispherical map, of course, is a bit of an illusion, since this map is obviously flat and continues off the edges, instead of being a true bi-hemispherical map where the top and bottom edge represent the North and South Pole. So the bi-hemispherical effect is just for style. (Unless, perhaps, the Dreamlands are actually flat and shaped like two joined circles?) But I have to agree with the writers at Chaosium that the Dreamlands look better when the edges are indistinct — certainly the world of dreams is as infinite as the human mind, and potentially continues out in all directions. At first I wanted to show everything, but actually it was better not to.

The scale of the map, roughly, is that 1 inch of the printed edition equals 5.5 days of travel by horse or sailing ship. However, this is also clearly modified by the weird geometry and local spatial irregularities of the Dreamlands. Like Kadath in the north (offscreen in the final map), Mhor in the east is clearly waaaaaaay far away from everything else, years away: in “Xiurhn” Gary Myers writes “That even the East must end if one only travels far enough, all sane men know… but Thish on his journey watched the four seasons of the Earth come in file down through the fields of man and the fields that know him not, come each and pass and come again.” But I wanted to draw it, so I included it on the map anyway. Who knows what is the boundary of the western and southern edges of the Dreamlands?

I tried to resist inventing my own place-names (though there are some) and to instead go for Alan Moore style info-otaku mania. If you dig around you should be able to find 98% of the place-names on this map in the works of Lovecraft, Dunsany or other authors. Lastly, I handled the “Does ‘The Doom That Came to Sarnath’ take place in the Dreamlands, or the distant past?” debate by deciding that the answer is: both. Perhaps ancient places live on in the Dreamlands, and the boundaries of the Past and the Imaginary become blurred. Thus, real places like Khem (Egypt), Meroe, Chaldaea and Ophir, which Lovecraft thought were exotic, are part of the Dreamlands. This explains how the Wanderers in The Cats of Ulthar are clearly supposed to be Ancient Egyptians, even though it’s a Dreamlands story. (Although in “The Loot of Golthoth” Gary Myers came up with the idea that they’re actually from the city of Golthoth, the Dreamlands analogue of Egypt… but maybe Egypt was founded by people who fled Golthoth? Or vice versa?) Returning to the roleplaying game, the Chaosium explanation for the Dreamlands’ ancient technology (why you can’t bring guns there, basically) is that only things that are 500+ years old can exist in the Dreamlands, because it takes that long for things to “set” in the mold of the human collective memory. Perhaps another answer is that these ancient cities and civilizations, like Mesopotamia and Egypt, exist in the Dreamlands because it was here that humans developed consciousness, and these First Cities are and will always be permanently burned into the human brain, but in the year 2500 the Dreamlands won’t be full of Starbuckses. I’m not designing a RPG here, so I don’t really care if some rules lawyer runs around the Dreamlands with a tommygun. It could be entertainingly absurd, really, kind of like later-period ironic Lord Dunsany as opposed to early-period serious Lord Dunsany. Oh, that’s right! Lord Dunsany! I’m going to write about him in my next post.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. FormCritic says:

    Thank you for the description, and the map. It has an honored place in my office lair.

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  3. Erich Zann says:

    33 shares and 129 likes on my Facebook : I think your poster is going viral :)

  4. Jason says:

    @Erich – Thanks for spreading the word! :) I hope you like my (drum roll) upcoming new Dreamlands project!

  5. Jerrad Adams says:

    I there an online store where i might be able to purchase this map

  6. Ricardo Rivas says:

    Hello, i admire your artwork,specially when it is related with Lovecraft’s literature. i really like the map of the Dreamlands and as soon as i can i’ll purchase it, but i wanted to know all the references on the poster, i mean the books where you got the places and the spheres, arab inscriptions etc. if it exists an online blog or page where i could know that information it will be great!

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  8. Aaron Giles says:

    I have the same question as Mr. Rivas. I’ve been trying to find a comprehensive list of all of the cities from the mythos of Lovecraft and Dunsany.

  9. Jason Bradley Thompson says:

    @Aaron and Ricardo – Sorry for the slow response! That’s a good question, I actually don’t know of a ‘complete’ list anywhere. When I drew the map I read through Dunsany and Lovecraft and took notes, but they were handwritten and I lost them afterwards. Chaosium’s Dreamlands supplement had a good list but it too had some gaps (and only covered Lovecraft and Gary Myers).

  10. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    “The Mountains of Madness” were part of the real waking world since there was little dreaming done in that novel.
    However Yian-Ho are part of the Dreamlands dimension and yet also reached the waking world in several places. Both ancient Antarctica-Australia and somewhere beyond Mongolia. (I put “Maker of Moons” as part of the Yian-Ho and the “deathless Chinamen” of “The Call of Cthulhu” realized in abstentia in “Diary of Alonzo Typer” though it could be more of the Valusian serpent people and power over Djinn or a combination of since that story and other revisions seems to be in a parallel mythos which is intriguing to me. The drawing of a creature that parallels Cthulhu yet could be a Djinn: black beings complex of eye and wing that make the earth shake!) Its one of my favorites of the revisions along with “The Mound” and a few others. So many possibilities.

    One of the creatures mentioned is one I have been thinking about drawing. One that is rarely if ever drawn and we are given little information on. The uhrag. We are told they flutter but are not bats. So picture them as something of a more ancient design you don’t find among vertebrates of today. Maybe some creation of previous intelligent races that have existed and will exist on our Earth before us and after we are long gone? In the Dreamlands which function like a pocket dimension. We are told that zoogs their forest impinges in two places in the waking world though Lovecraft is coy about mentioning where. Which is a curious thing. Between that and our soul stuff can function as a super-being traveling both space and time effortlessly which some occultists have talked about that some of our dreams are more than that. Some kind of obscure reality maybe? (“Beyond The Wall of Sleep”)

    I also put the Biblical “200 million ‘man’ army” as a hoard of invaders from Yian-Ho as a prelude to the take over of much of Earth under the cruel Tsn-Chan empire 3,000 years from now. And maybe a 3rd Anti-Christ a President Evil that is more than he looks. Or she, but I picture him as white and male and doing it for his non-human kicks. He is as bad as Nyarlathotep but not a psychogenic creation of the Kutullû race that made YOG-SOTHOTH to allow them to control space-time with Nyarlathotep as the governor of it. But with the dissolution of the Kutullû multi-Galactic Empire due to the “Great Disaster” both of those entities have gone their own ways over the hundreds of millions of years. YOG-SOTHOTH has a plan for Earth but what is a big question. Atla-Nacha is busy spinning a web of quantum resonant 90° out-of-phase with the Universal Constant silk that when he completes it Earth can be moved using the Yr and Nhhgr vortex hyper space points to phase out of our dimension where? So far the web keeps getting damaged over time.

    A very nice map of the known Dreamlands. Archeologists would find it illuminating if Sarkomand was the previous location of the Yian-Ho humanoids before abruptly moving to the extreme edge of the Leng plateau near the forests to build the multi-dimensionded city. Since they and their cousins K’n-yan but their diverged some millions of years thereafter evolving along somewhat different lines. Both created by the Kutullû so long ago. Human like yet differing in significant ways. The ones who settled in the American West took on the appearance of the locals, just as the ones of Yian-Ho also became more Asian in appearance maybe from their proximity to Mongolia and China. (Maybe some kind of morphogenic factor as yet unknown. We do know that certain animal forms reappear no matter how alien such as the spider and the cat. See the Cats of Saturn and Uranus, the spiders of Leng forests.)