More Dreamlands Map Sketches

Here’s some more sketches of what ended up becoming the Map of the Dreamlands. A “globe floating in space” design could have been interesting, but it would also leave too much empty space around the world for my taste. The fact that most of my sketches and designs are drawn on scrap paper and the backs of envelopes is one reason I don’t post more of ’em… should I show ’em anyway?

Discussion (3)¬

  1. FormCritic says:

    Jason – I got this poster from your booth at Sakura-Con. I now have it framed and hanging in my office. I am still blown away by the imagination and detail. Nice work. I hope people catch on to this underground classic. It’s a future collectible for sure. I like your working in the Dunsany elements with Lovecraft’s Dreamlands. My favorite parts of the map are the moon in the lower center, and The Spheres in the upper right. I’m curious about the Arabit inscriptions…are they real or just decoration? Also, I know Lovecraft and Dunsany from the inscription right above the word “Hesperia,” but could you tell us who Myers and Allis are?

  2. FormCritic says:

    *Arabic* (darn keyboard!)

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks, I’m honored you like the map! I’m glad you found a spot on the wall big enough to put it up! ;)

    Myers is Gary Myers, author of the ’70s Arkham House collection “The House of the Worm” (soon to be reissued as “The Country of the Worm,” I heard recently). I’ve been meaning to write a post about him. “Allis”, on the other hand, is just Latin for ‘the others’, or at least that’s what my Latin source told me. The Arabic, on the other hand, I can vouch for, but I’ve made a vow to leave it sneakily untranslated. ;)