Dream-Quest Graphic Novels Are Here!

After several delays (apparently the shipping company couldn’t find my house) the Dream-Quest graphic novels have FINALLY ARRIVED! During a brief break in the rain, a truck dropped off a pallet with 700 kilos of books!

If you’ve never exercised by carrying 1,500 pounds of SAN-blasting tomes up the stairs into your house, you don’t know what you’re missing. The books are now sitting in my living room in 44 boxes, but not for long; right after I send this I’m going to start signing them and sending them out in preaddressed envelopes. Luckily, it didn’t start raining while the books were sitting in my driveway.

Next step: the post office! Also, another set of books is on its way to Diamond Comic Distributors and should be arriving in comic shops within two weeks or so.

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  1. Sinisterspiral says:

    Save one for meee!!!

  2. Wyvern says:

    Hi Jason!

    I’ve returned to graphic novels this year, after a very long absence. Learning of the twentieth anniversary Free Comic Book day a month ago, I wandered into a couple of stores to start catching up. As a long-time Lovecraft fan, naturally I was checking for anything related, and came upon your “Dream-Quest & Other Stories”. As its copyright date was 2011, it was only after discovering your website that I learnt how very recently it had really first appeared, so it’s seemed amazingly coincidental with my own rekindled interest in such graphic works.

    Very much enjoyed the book, and your interpretations of the Lands of Dream. I drew up my own Dreamlands map twenty years ago based on just the Lovecraft tales, and was happy to find we’d largely agreed on where things could be placed from that, though my own artwork was much more rudimentary than yours! Now of course, I’d have things like Profantasy’s “Campaign Cartographer” CAD software to smooth over my artistic inadequacies.

    Liked especially your “dreamer” figure, who seems wholly appropriate to me. A blank canvas for anyone to project themselves onto, much as the narrator’s voice becomes your own when you’re reading the original stories.

    If I had a wish, I’d have wanted more of your illustrations to be in colour. The Dreamlands setting’s always seemed to me to invite colour – even if it had just been a few special full pages: our first sighting of Celephais, say, or the panoramas of Dylath-Leen and Kadath, and of course Carter’s Sunset City. Maybe something to revisit that way in future, though?

  3. @Wyvern – Thanks for all your comments, I hope you see this response! I’m flattered that you like my Lovecraft & Dreamlands work, and I’d love to see your own take on a Dreamlands map, actually!

    I’m actually working on my color skills right now, but embarrassingly, it’s just an area where I’m far less experienced than with B&W work. I grew up doing (and reading) indy comics in the ’90s, when webcomics hadn’t really caught on yet, and self-publishing meant working in B&W because color was too expensive. And I like the aesthetic style of B&W too. But you’re right that Lovecraft’s Dreamlands feel like a very colorful place, an effect I can only try to get across through texture & detail. I loved Mark Ferrari’s map of the Dreamlands in Chaosium’s old “Field Guide to Creatures of the Dreamlands,” if you have ever seen that book! I’ll hopefully have more color work on this site before too long.

  4. Wyvern says:

    As luck had it, I found a copy of the Dreamlands “Field Guide” in the mid ’90s, and the Ferrari maps meant I never went further with the crude black and white thumbnail sketches on my effort – I hadn’t quite the nerve to link places with coastlines that Lovecraft never mentioned! I also loved the idea of the separate maps for the Underworld and Surface Dreamlands, so that you didn’t have to worry about whether the “scales” on both matched up or not for gaming purposes. Very dreamlike too, of course.

    And Ferrari’s creature illustrations were superb. Around the same time I found the book, I also discovered we had real “Butterfly Dragons” in Earth’s oceans – the Sea Dragons (Sea-Horse variants). That was one of my favourite of the book’s images. I prefer your less human-looking Ibians (or ibites) though – and look forward to seeing more of them (was that too subtle a hint?!).

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