Lovecraft Sketch MWF: Cats on the Moon

Lovecraft Sketch MWF: Cats on the Moon

This sketch, like many of my MWF Lovecraft sketches, was a request from a backer of Dream-Quest. What could be more Dream-Questy than cats on the moon! It seems to stick out to a lot of people, myself included. “The Lovecraft fantasy novel with talking cats” is a pretty accurate short description. I’ve never been entirely satisfied with my drawings of cats, but I’m trying to get better. Back when I drew Dream-Quest I could go over to my parents’ house and draw cats from life, but they haven’t had cats for years, so now I don’t have anyone to pose for me. But there’s always Google Imagesearch, of course.

While googling “cats” “moon” “dream-quest of unknown kadath” in search of memes I discovered the website of Corby James Waste, who has been doing elaborate & colorful drawings of Dream-Quest in a style a bit like 16-bit RPGs; it makes me wish that a Dream-Quest computer RPG actually existed. Technically, a Dream-Quest Game *does* exist — check out this 1988 graphical text adventure for the ZX Spectrum — but apparently it’s only available in Spanish. While I was in high school I tried to make a Dream-Quest game using Adventure Construction Set for the Commodore 64, and actually I still have the mostly complete files on my Commodore 64 emulator for Mac somewhere (it was Mac Classic OS, so now I would need an emulator to run the emulator). It was pretty fun to work on, but sadly, I never did make it fully playable; it kept crashing whenever I tried to edit the level where you/Carter has to get past the giant guardians of the Cold Waste.

And in case you’re interested, here’s where I write my usual plug for commissioned sketches!

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  1. Esn says:

    Your cats have a lot of character! I really quite like this one.

  2. wswd009 says:

    i bet hpl himself would love this pic!

  3. Thanks! This drawing was a lot of fun. Of course, now I have a dog, so I have plenty of dog drawing material, and I’m still forced to resort to memory and google for cats….

  4. Night-Gaunt says:

    I love cats! I do wonder what those crustaceans are that the cats are playing with? Have they met the rabbits of the Moon called by the Hindus as Candramas?

  5. Tom Jones says:

    Awesome pic, I love the little details like the moon bugs.
    Have you ever drawn a Cat From Saturn?

  6. @Tom – I did draw a Cat from Saturn once for a commission — a cute Cat from Saturn (!) – but I can’t seem to find the scanned art file anywhere! >_<; I think I may have posted it at , but if so it is very far back in the archive.