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Randolph Carter & Kin

While in the Dreamlands the other day, I took this snapshot of Randolph Carter and some of his family, who were meeting up in the Gardens of Yin. From left to right: Edmund Carter, John Carter, Randolph Carter, William Beckford Carter (the black sheep of the family), Catherine Lucille Carter, and Sadegh Hedayat Carter. Looking at them all together in identical nightclothes, their family resemblance is obvious despite the great gaps of space and time that separate them. But who would ever mix them up, considering their many accomplishments?

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New Nyarko-san Article: The Derleth Mythos Explained!

One of the entertaining things for Lovecraft fans about the “Nyarko-san” anime is the cameos of August Derleth and H.P. Lovecraft that appear in it (as faces on T-shirts, pictures in the background, etc.). Over at Crunchyroll, my latest Nyarko-san article just went up, in which I explain the story of Lovecraft and Derleth and the differences between the “Lovecraft Mythos” and the “Derleth Mythos.” Plus, I came up with my own new Great Old One!! Go read it!

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The Legend of Bold Riley

For those seeking more of my work, I have a 40-page story in the forthcoming full-color book of fantasy tales about an adventuress in an exotic land, The Legend of Bold Riley! The book is coming out in June-ish from Northwest Press, and it’s in the May 2012 issue of PREVIEWS. I drew the tale, “The Serpent in the Belly,” back in 2008-2009 from a script by Bold Riley creator Leia Weathington, and it’s recently been colored by Vanessa Lynn, whose subtle tones make sense out of my over-detailed inking. Here’s a sample page:

And here’s another one:

Please preorder it at your local comic store or check it out when it comes out! If you’d like to read the whole story in the original B&W, it’s right here at The Bold Riley website. Enjoy!

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