The Cats of Ulthar, Page 5

The Cats of Ulthar, Page 5

This was a fun page to draw; I’m a little surprised that this scene from Lovecraft hasn’t been drawn more often. I suppose if you want “Lovecraft doing Ancient Egypt”, it’s all about Under the Pyramids.

Incidentally (very incidentally since there aren’t any on this particular page), I’ve been drawing pigs in Ulthar too, since it seems appropriately European-Medieval to have them wallowing around the place looking all disgusting and tasty, and giving people helpful resistance/tolerance of gross diseases. But how do pigs and cats get along? Can they be agreeable barnmates in real life, joined by an uneasy truce of one not being small enough and the other not being slow enough to be eaten by one another? I have to confess now that my dream pet among the mammalia is not cats, or border collies, or — I feel like such a bastard saying this — even wire-haired dachshunds, but PIGS. I’ve always adored pigs from a distance, due to their combination of intelligence, cuteness, filthiness, disreputable savagery and the fact that they might try to eat your toes or fingers when you’re not looking. I guess that’s what happens when two of your favorite childhood books are “Lord of the Flies” and “Charlotte’s Web”. Also, I love all the weird-looking half-elephant tusked burrowing creatures they evoled from. “The Pigs of Ulthar” would be a very different story.


Discussion (2)¬

  1. Carol says:

    Hello, I’m new here. Nice adaptation. You got the look on the boy’s face just right, sad but vengeful.

  2. Night-Gaunt says:

    Since the Dreamlands could be looked upon as a creation of all humanity the civilizations would look both familiar and strange. Mixtures and tendencies of all human civilizations. With maybe a long lag time before much from the time of today, or when it was written, would ever filter through. Even so there just may be other types of dreamlands like other Heavens and Hells. This is just one particular type. From the ancient prehistory of Lovecraft, Smith and Howard. A nice beginning to be sure. Love to see your work!