The Stiff: Chapter 1: Page 6

The Stiff: Chapter 1: Page 6

Apologies for the late upload today. I’m still crawling out from under (or crawling around in) a mass of work, some of which I’ll hopefully be able to show soon. In the meantime, the continuing story of The Stiff, aka Shitai, first published in 2001!

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    I like that library you show us. An interesting collection of books including the rather rare “Confederacy of Dunces.”

  2. Jason says:

    “Confederacy of Dunces” isn’t rare! I think it’s one of the classic-book bestsellers, actually. Though I didn’t have a clue what it was when I first saw it in the library at summer camp in 1990.

  3. Night-Gaunt says:

    Let me amend that the book was originally a poor seller. It was saved from total obscurity. I haven’t read it yet but want too. Think of it as one that almost was lost even though the author got nothing good out of it sales wise.

  4. That kind of thinking shows you’re on top of your game

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