The Stiff Chapter 1: Page 13

The Stiff Chapter 1: Page 13

It’s almost 8 am on Wednesday morning, and I’m uploading the Stiff page that should have gone up last night. If you didn’t see it already, check out my poster for the 2013 HP Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon in Los Angeles! (Until I update it, you can also just scroll to the 2nd blog entry on the bottom of this page.) I’ll be in Los Angeles on September 27-29 for the Festival, and I hope you can make it too!

I’m also doing another set of Dungeons & Dragons cartoons for Wizards of the Coast! Check out The Keep on 16th & Valencia: Into the Pit of Madness. More pages coming soon!


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  1. amjes says:

    So I was re-reading the Narbonic director’s cut archives, and had just gotten to Shaenon’s Sunday post about the start of girlamatic, wherein she largely talked about how excited she was for The Stiff being a part of it. I said to myself, “Man, I really liked The Stiff. Shame it went on hiatus. I wonder if it’s archived over on Jason’s site?” and followed her link her. I am greeted with this page.

    Very excited to see that you’re re-publishing/continuing this!

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for finding me again after all these years! :) I just read the Narbonic Director’s Cut page myself last Sunday, and it took me back. I’m really glad to get back to The Stiff too!