The Stiff: Chapter 1: Page 28

The Stiff: Chapter 1: Page 28

I just finished the art for a cool project, but I can’t show it to you ’till next month when it comes out. Now back to work on horror comics!


Discussion (3)¬

  1. Gillsing says:

    Oh no, he just hypno-cursed himself to remain sick forever. And possibly to become a coughing corpse? If this was a movie, this would be where it all starts.

  2. David Staege says:

    I wish I had this page in a better resolution so that I can read all the book titles. Is this a Goblin (the italian progressive-rock band famous for their horror soundtracks) record in the right side under the book named “Pet Cementary” ?

  3. Jason says:

    @David – Yes, that’s a Goblin reference! :)