The Sleep of Reason: The Emperor Awakes

In just a few weeks The Sleep of Reason, a comics horror anthology I contributed to, will go to press. I really enjoyed working on this book and was happy to be invited to participate by my old Girlamatic comrade-in-arms, C. Spike Trotman. My own piece is a 16-page story titled “The Emperor Awakes”: here is the first page.

I can’t wait to see the finished anthology! We were instructed to basically do the most disturbing comics we could do I did my best. I’ll keep posting information about it here as it comes out.

In other news: if you’re interested in Lovecraft and horror cinema, please check out the Kickstarter for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon in Los Angeles this year (September 27-29)! You can get T-shirts and posters with my artwork, including the Film Festival poster I drew (which you can check out behind the link). The Kickstarter ends in just two weeks, so please check it out! And of course I’ll be a guest at the Festival too.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Received the antho today and was stunned by the quality of ALL contributions, in particular, yours.

  2. Thomas Jones says:

    Question: Was this story set in our Earth perhaps in our future or an alternate time line?

  3. I’m glad you like it! I intentionally kept it nonspecific where & when it takes place, though I was a little inspired by the setting of Jonathan Tweet’s “Over the Edge.”