The Stiff: Chapter 2: Page 42

The Stiff: Chapter 2: Page 42

Hope you had a good weekend! I’ll be thinking of zombies as you read this.

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  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    His position is sure to be used by the “Pro Life” side as a propaganda tool. “See they are for death.” I know what he means but anything can be twisted. Now a global plague would do it. We are due now anyway. Maybe several at once.

  2. Jago of the 7 Knives says:

    I do not subscribe to a global plague pandemic! Now, a zombie apocalypse, that’s the ticket!

  3. Gillsing says:

    I’m pro-death as well. Over-population plays a part in it, but mostly I just like the concept of death. Not the actual dying, but the eternity of nothingness that follows. I figure that not existing will be pretty much like before I was conceived/born. The pattern that is me will wash away like drawings on a beach when the tide comes in, and the body will live on in other patterns that are not me. As a humongous slacker, I’m quite looking forward to that eternity of doing nothing.

    As for abortion, what is a fetus but a parasite with the potential to become a person? I love freedom, and women should have the freedom to decide what gets to enter their bodies. Or what gets to remain there.

  4. Global plague, zombies, it all works!

    I think one reason for the zombie obsession of the 2000s+ is that nuclear war, the favorite disaster of the ’80s (I guess pollution would probably be the ’90s favorite… pollution and overpopulation were also big in the ’70s, and then nuclear war was big again in the ’60s), isn’t in the public consciousness as much anymore. Nuclear war is possible and zombies probably aren’t (I say probably), but they both appeal to the same survivalist streak in Americans.