The Stiff: Chapter 2: Page 56

The Stiff: Chapter 2: Page 56

It’s a gray and gloomy day in Seattle: perfect weather to stay inside and draw. However, I’ll also be going out to the post office to send out some playtest copies of my game, “Mangaka.” I’ll be waiting eagerly for the playtest feedback; this is my first serious experiment in game design (apart from writing adventures for preexisting roleplaying games), and the input from the tests has been really helpful.



  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    Bisexuality, the orphan sexuality. Few wish to claim it, fewer acknowledge it and who would recognize it? It is my contention that sexuality is a spectrum from pure hetero to pure homo and those who have zero interest in sex of any kind to those who want sex of just about any type all of the time. And there are those who float around who may be interested in males early in life but slide to females later in life or visa versa. Sexuality is a complex, and certainly for our culture, complicated. Maybe one day we will out grow the need to control people with it and to accept it as is. Just like our various skin colors, head shapes, eye shapes, body types, languages, clothing, social mores etc and etc.