The Stiff: Chapter 2: Page 64

The Stiff: Chapter 2: Page 64

Upon reviewing zombie apocalypses, I’ve noted: the ones in which the zombies can’t be killed even by headshots are not only much rarer, they’re generally comedic. (“Deadalive”, “Return of the Living Dead”, etc… though “Return” I think also works as a semi-serious horror movie.) Presumably the imagery of writhing, still-moving guts and severed heads goes beyond horror and just to the point of absurdity. But why should headshots be the wooden-stake-and-garlic of zombie lore? Must everyone rip off that particular aspect of Saint Romero’s legacy? I want new directions in zombiedom!


Discussion (2)¬

  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    Our brain is the seat of our body motivations, the infection resides there, blast it out then no more moving. Now it is harder with insects. Cut off a roach’s head and it can still live for two weeks!

    Now the precursor of living dead films was on called “Invisible Invaders” aliens come. They are invisible and breath like asthmatics until they take over a freshly dead body then they come for you. Even someone shot in the head.

  2. Jason says:

    I had never heard of “Invisible Invaders,” thank you for alerting me to its existence! It sounds awesome — I’ll have to check it out on youtube or elsewhere when I have a little more time.