The Stiff: Chapter 3: Page 116

The Stiff: Chapter 3: Page 116

After a long day of sending out packages and using the USPS international system… …. I’m STILL not quite done with all the international poster shipments. I’m going to try to get the remainder of them out on Saturday. Map of Zombies backers, thanks for your patience!


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  1. Andrew Chance says:

    I missed the kickstarter and bought 2 copies via your website for delivery to the UK. Any idea when these will be despatched? Really excited about getting it!
    Also what is the size, I’ll look into getting a frame organised once I know.

  2. Hi Andrew! Sorry for the wait; I spent all last week sending out the posters to Kickstarter backers, and now today I’m sending out your order and the others from the web store! :) (Though it won’t go out ’till Monday.) Thanks for your patience!

    Size-wise, the posters are approximately 61cm x 91cm (24″x36″).