The Stiff: Chapter 4: Page 125

The Stiff: Chapter 4: Page 125

My latest column on manga on Anime News Network is based on a huge box of adult manga I borrowed from a reviewer whom I’d hired to cover the topic for “Manga: The Complete Guide.” Thus my review this fortnight is of “64 Pounds of Porn.” It was an interesting column to write. Enjoy!


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  1. bill says:

    Great job, and some really well reasoned comments on the state of ‘porn’ in the sequenmtial areas. I must agree with other posters that manga porn is 10% an impulse purchase, I actively seek it out. And the story structure often shows more imagination than the straight stuff.
    If you wish to ditch the poundage, my only suggestion would be to approach a University Library, they are more open to odd donations and tax deductions than the civic public ones.
    I would suggest a dealers table at a con, but lately I’ve seen contracts that forbid any ‘pornographic’ materials.
    Perhaps even one or two manga websites might be interested…
    But anyway, thanks for your article, it caught my eye, and now I’m gonna look at other stuff you’ve done.
    Your writing is clear, concise, and easy to follow. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the article. :) Actually, I was mostly joking about donating the porn… I’m probably going to return it to my friend Derek, or failing that, donate it to the Center for Sex-Positive Culture here in Seattle. (They have a library!)