Friday Bonus: Zombie Honeymoon (Beach)

Friday Bonus: Zombie Honeymoon (Beach)

SURPRISE~! This gory image is one of the zombie portraits (specifically, a “couples” portrait) I drew for a supporter for the Map of Zombies Kickstarter campaign. In case you were loading this page at the public library surrounded by a crowd of 8-year-old schoolchildren, in my defense I drew it pretty much exactly as they requested it, although I may have emphasized a thing here or there.

Though not one of my super-detailed drawings, it was good to get the opportunity to draw a crowd scene, and in particular to draw running zombies, my favorite. I have to admit, though, that I always prefer to draw zombies that are either totally rotten or hideously mutilated; if they’re too fresh and human-looking it risks looking silly, particularly with my drawing style. Nearly undamaged zombies are easy on the makeup artists of low-budget zombie movies, but why settle for them in comics? If you’re interested in a drawing, I take commissions!

Speaking of comics, I’ll be at Seattle’s Sakuracon this weekend! I’ve got booth SP-19, and if you stop by my booth I’ll have some cool stuff to show off, that no one online has ever seen before. It involves my game “Mangaka,” which I’ll also be running on Saturday and Sunday in the game area….


Discussion (2)¬

  1. azathotep says:

    it reminds me of an episode of baywatch

  2. Night-Gaunt says:

    You mean Baywatch Nights. That had the supernatural and horror angles I liked so much.

    Since the beach is where you take it off, lots of skin exposed to get bitten off. And skin is quite tough. I mean really and our teeth aren’t that sharp either.

    Nicely done Jason, wish I could see you at the Cons. But I am stuck in Houston. Glad the Internet is around I would not be able to enjoy any of this.