The Stiff: Chapter 4: Page 175

The Stiff: Chapter 4: Page 175

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve noticed that since early 2013, I’ve been drawing a series of maps based on classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures for the Wizards of the Coast website. I’m proud to announce that those maps are now available as prints!

The maps are available here in the Mock Man Store. At the moment it’s actually a pre-order: I’ve just done test prints of the maps and gotten an estimate, but the final printing probably won’t be done until sometime in August. Since I’m moving to California in late August-early September, I probably won’t be able to actually fulfill orders until September. But yes, I’m making the maps into printed posters at sizes ranging from 13″x18″ (for Tomb of Horrors) to 18″x36″ (for Ravenloft, the biggest one)! Please check them out as you’re gearing up (I hope) for the new edition of D&D coming this Fall (and available now in “Basic D&D” core-rules as a free download from Wizards of the Coast)!


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  1. Ken Kobori says:

    Jason, you’re moving to CA? Where, precisely? I love the way you casually drop bombshells in your posts.

    Please bring some rain with you!

  2. Jason says:

    Moving to lovely San Francisco! :) Beyond that, though, I’m not exactly sure where in SF yet… fingers crossed!

  3. Dan says:

    How awesome! I recently emailed you asking if these would ever be available in a book format someday and now you surprise with this! Very cool!