Zombie Honeymoon: Reception

Zombie Honeymoon: Reception

Here’s one of several commissioned Zombie Honeymoon Portraits I did for a Map of Zombies supporter! I’m really pleased with how this one turned out; the anger level of the zombies is just about right (though I could’ve gone gorier). Looking it over, I suppose my one complaint is that real 100% all-undead zombies would be lunging or stumbling towards their next prey, not rearing up in a hissing/snarling threat display. Real zombies have total economy of movement. Real zombies don’t NEED to threaten. But otherwise, it was fun drawing this, and I hope the recipient(s) liked it!

As I mentioned on Monday, I’m going to be posting some side-stories and sketches (like this one) for a few weeks until Chapter 5 of “The Stiff” kicks off. If you’re in the Seattle area, we’re also having a garage sale this Saturday and selling some stuff, including a lot of manga: the information is on twitter. I’ll post more next week!


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  1. Jago of the 7 knives says:

    Definitely the best reason not to pay for an over-priced wedding reception, specially when the food sucks!

  2. Night-Gaunt says:

    I like the idea in “Walking Dead” where zombies can lie doggo and only lunge when you walk near. Really scary. Gets you to smash the brains of every one you see or stay well away.

  3. I didn’t know the Walking Dead zombies did that!! I’ve seen the “playing dead” zombies in a few other zombie books and movies.

  4. Night-Gaunt says:

    The first time I came across the zombie body energy economy torpor was in a short novel written by one of the writers of “Night of the Living Dead” and that it is still viable. We see in a hospital morgue one heart donor who slowly awakens after its fingers were shown drumming as if to show the nervous system powering up by the infection then leaping out of a window. The funeral practice in the sticks of hammering a metal spike into the heads of the dead before inhumation. We are told it is an old fear. (How true that is.)

    I think it takes place earlier in the film that is alluded in the movie. We find one newly sated zombie in a darkened corner doing what is close to us sleeping. We see that in “WD”. There is even a zombie baby at the end of the story. Just lying there so quite and tranquil…

    It was Romero’s idea that the infection is in the air and you don’t need to be bitten to be infected. So it is in “Walking Dead.” The CDC scientist tells him at the end of Season 1. The only thing missing are those who aren’t able to be infected. Seems that a new SyFy series “Znation” has one.

  5. Night-Gaunt says:

    Several times early on we saw the zombies latent. Like they were sleeping only lightly. It was obvious in the prison in the deeper sections. One character walks by one laying on floor, skeletal head against the wall then suddenly moves grabbing his leg slowing him down long enough for the others to swarm him.

    This aspect of energy economy among the infected I first read about in one of the short novels set in the “Night of the Living Dead” universe written by one of the writers of that movie. It took place after it and it starts with a new funeral practice, hammering spikes into the heads of the dead. However the infection is out there. Everyone has it ad

    I admit that I would experiment on them, especially with such a sophisticated location as a CDC lab complex as we saw in “Walking Dead.” Only draw back, petroleum. It runs out, the complex sterilizes itself.