The Stiff: Chapter 5: Page 205

The Stiff: Chapter 5: Page 205

I’ve watched two episodes of the new “Marco Polo” series so far, but fell asleep in the middle of both of them. I’ll probably write a real review if I can manage to stay awake.


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  1. Erik Arneson says:

    That’s disappointing about Marco Polo. I’ve been looking forward to that show. Hope it gets better!

  2. Jason says:

    I’m probably not the best judge because, from reading Marco Polo, I have very specific things I associate with it — travel adventure, culture clash & the “exotic”, trade. The Netflix show doesn’t have the budget to show travel or big splendid CG-assisted cities and the Khan’s court looks kind of cramped and small and dark. They’re basically doing it as a court intrigue of the Mongols vs. the Song Dynasty (at least in the beginning story arc) with Marco Polo as the random white guy in the middle of all it. Oh, and Marco Polo learns kung fu! -_- It’s kind of neat to see a Netflix show with a predominantly Asian cast but it’s basically just not what I hoped for… but even as I type this, I realize I’ll probably watch the rest of the season.

  3. Erik Arneson says:

    I’m giving it a go right now! I’ve never read Marco Polo, but it’s on my list. Maybe now my short list.