Lovecraft Sketch: The Dreams in the Witch House

Lovecraft Sketch: The Dreams in the Witch House

These delirious monsters were drawn based on the description of the inhabitants of Hyperspace in HP Lovecraft’s “The Dreams in the Witch House.” More specifically, they were drawn as a commissioned sketch for Brian O’Connell, who is working on a film adaptation of the story! With their suggestions of twisted humanoid forms, these particular beings look equally suited to the hellish ultimate realm of Azathoth’s Court as to the more abstract and geometric/kaleidoscopic world of Hyperspace. The doomed student in “Witch House” *does* describe some of the moving shapes in Hyperspace as resembling “living Hindoo idols”, so perhaps…….

In other news, guess what? I’ve drawn a page in Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table, a beautiful full-color comic anthology of stories about dead and otherwise retired Dungeons & Dragons/fantasy RPG characters. I was invited to this project by the awesome Josh Trujillo, and I contributed a tribute to Elliot Chin’s D&D campaign which I enjoyed from approximately 2000 to 2004 (the best D&D campaign I’ve ever played in). I played no less than 9 different characters over that period, and I couldn’t pick just one favorite, so this drawing looks back on all of ’em. You’ll have to support the Death Saves Kickstarter to get a copy, but don’t just do it for my single page, of course — the whole book looks AMAZING.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!

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  1. Ken Kobori says:

    Your intermingling of demonic and human features reminds me of scenes from Michael Shea’s book “Nifft the Lean”. Disturbing stuff!

    Will the film be animation or Live action?

  2. Jason Thompson says:

    @Ken – Brian can tell you more about it! :)

    I’ve never read “Nifft the Lean.” I’ve always wanted to, since I love “The Eyes of the Overworld” and was curious about its status as an authorized pastiche/sequel (although didn’t Vance later get annoyed with Shea and retroactively disown it, or something?).

  3. @Ken: That’d be a combination of both. All of the creatures will be animated, the rest of it should be live action.

  4. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    Some nice designs. I have certainly thought about and drew some of those thoughts from the first time I read his story. Though for me the descriptions of Brown Jenkin they make his face too rat-like when clearly he is described as having a human face and sharp yellow teeth, not of a rat but a monster.

  5. @Night-Gaunt49 Its particularly fun to try and wrap your head around the “twilight abysses”…