The Stiff: Chapter 6: Page 236

The Stiff: Chapter 6: Page 236

I finished a new D&D art project!! I’ll write a link here when it’s posted.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!

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  1. Frances K R says:

    Aiiiigh, hate having to wait until next week for the update… >twitch<

    Congrats on the project!

  2. Thanks!! :)

    Actually, update, it (the new art project, not The Stiff) may not go online for a little longer than I first expected. Things are getting shuffled around in the release schedule… but it’ll go up eventually!!

  3. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    The animals know before we do. Nice doggie.

  4. Hi everyone– I’m really sorry, but I forgot to upload the update before I left for NecronomiCon. :( I’ll upload two pages next week. The pages aren’t in the cloud (though obviously they should be, hmm) so I can’t do it from my hotel room. Sorry for the screwup!