The Stiff: Chapter 6: Page 239

The Stiff: Chapter 6: Page 239

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  1. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    Anyone see the first two episodes of “Beware the Walking Dead” by any chance? I have liked it. I get the distinct undercurrent that the govt and military are hiding things. And as usual keeping usthe public in the dark makes it worse than their “they will panic scenario” they use to keep it secret till it is way too late. A new “flu” strain had appeared in one state. Nevada maybe? Then has spread to four other states with California being the most recent state. Imagine Los Angeles a city of 14 million having the deadly disease spreading and no one seems to know what is happening. And society as we know it will fall apart very fast. Too fast to be believed. Our high tech goes first when the electricity is cut off or shuts down. For most the animal known as Man panics like a deer wanting to run and get away. Panic is the worst way to handle it. That and turning on each other which is a trait that is against survival as well. I get the impression that maybe the govt might have had something to do with it, maybe not. It hangs over the series like a dark cloud.

    In the “Resident Evil” series it is a powerful corporation that did it. Accidentally as much as on purpose.

    Well we are due for a purge of our insane reproduction only this one can be a species ending one. (A real scenario would be an easily caught form of rabies would do the same in its effects and just a simple new influenza that kills maybe hemorrhagic fever.)

    Its as much a danger as a meteor or the Yellowstone caldera blowing up or nuclear war or several at once.

  2. Thanks for the sum-up! I haven’t seen “Fear the Walking Dead,” but I am sort of interested… these “early outbreak” scenarios are usually more interesting to me than the “late outbreak” scenarios when 95% of people are dead and it’s just a few survivors wandering around the wilderness.

    Do they actually explain where the virus comes from in “Fear the Walking Dead”? That would be a neat twist, though I imagine they’d prefer to keep it mysterious.

  3. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    Unlike “Z Nation” who explicated their zombies, “Fear of the Walking Dead” is hinting strongly that someone knows about it. That abandoned church was cleared out of all the bodies, dead and reanimated.” One of the parents actually says to a boy who figured it out for himself, that the “govt would tell us if it was something worse.” He just blandly smiles he has seen enough to figure out this isn’t natural. I do like the many hints given in “FOTWD” though in “The Walking Dead” anyone who knows how it started, it did start in the USA, they haven’t met anyone to tell them how it started. We don’t know which state it appeared in first but it has gone as far as California.

    I like the build up to civilization fall. And it will fall fast. Just replace zombies with rabies infectees and it amounts to the same thing if a weaponized version were spread. We’d start having panics very soon. Riots in the big cities amongst the real problem of a fast spreading infection that turns people into hyped up foaming at the mouth cannibals. We are not set up to take on such a plague. In “The Ship” it is a plague manufactured to kill off 80% of humanity and it does. Though in that series the military has some cohesion still.