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Randolph Carter Dream Dolls!

After weeks of behind-the-scenes work, I’m able to announce a fabulous new Lovecraftian (Kadathian?) toy… Randolph Carter (Dream-Form) Dolls!

These huggable soft dream dolls are based on Randolph Carter’s form within the Dreamlands as seen in my comic adaptation of Dream-Quest. Hand-crocheted and designed by French-Lebanese artist Katia Farage, each doll comes with a nightgown and sleeping cap sewn by my wife, Jumana Al Hashal.

There are only five handmade dolls, available to backers of the new “Cosmic Entity of the Freedom of Dreamless Sleep” level on Kickstarter. Put them on your pillow to guard your dreams! Take them to tea parties! Enjoy some Lord Dunsany together! Photoshop them into pictures illustrating scenes from “Dream-Quest”! The possibilities are endless!

Yes, this is a real thing! Thanks to my friend Katia and my wife Jay for their help and long hours of crocheting!

Randolph Carter & Kin

While in the Dreamlands the other day, I took this snapshot of Randolph Carter and some of his family, who were meeting up in the Gardens of Yin. From left to right: Edmund Carter, John Carter, Randolph Carter, William Beckford Carter (the black sheep of the family), Catherine Lucille Carter, and Sadegh Hedayat Carter. Looking at them all together in identical nightclothes, their family resemblance is obvious despite the great gaps of space and time that separate them. But who would ever mix them up, considering their many accomplishments?

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The Carters in Denmark

Catherine Lucille Carter, one of the famous New England Carters, dreams her way into a household in Denmark. Ever courteous, in this photo she is entertaining her hostess’s family. Shortly after this photo was taken, she protected the child from ravening zoogs using a hatpin.

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