To the outside world, this isn’t that exciting, but to me, it’s pretty great; I’ve finally figured out how to have a separate blog running underneath the comics pages on! Turned out it was just a matter of fiddling with the this and that and the other thing. Thanks to Larry Latham, creator of the great webcomic Lovecraft is Missing, for helping me figure it out!

So now that I’ve finally gotten the blog aspect of to work — without each blog entry being tethered to a comics page — I can finally move all my personal blogging to This means, I can finally get rid of my livejournal, good ol’ faithful

Livejournal served me well for many years since I got my account in 2006 (years after everybody else, I know). Unfortunately, the site has turned into nothing but a rubbish dump for a lot of spam — and not even semi-plausible spam, but tons of Russian-language spam. Dudes, program your robots to at least only spam sites in the target language! The site in general has just become ancient and decayed and its only appearance in even remotely recent public memory is at the beginning of “The Social Network” when it showed what Jeffrey Zuckerberg was using for blogging software a decade ago.

Anyway, I’m thrilled that things are finally working. More news and changes real soon!