I’ve just received the first actual advance copies of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and other stories! The folks at Global PSD did a beautiful job; it’s a hefty 184 page hardcover with spot UV and smythe-sewn binding, which feels like it’ll still cause SAN loss if you find it on a dusty bookshelf thirty years from now.

I only have a few advance copies, but I’m sending the first copies out to international backers, and I’ll send the remainder out as I receive them! Everyone who supported the Kickstarter (for which you have my deepest thanks) will get their copies before the books arrive in stores in late March. If you know someone who’s interested in ordering their own copy of the book, they can order it from their local comic store in the January 2012 issue of Diamond Previews!

Here’s the gallery section!

A few sample pages from “The Strange High House in the Mist”:

And the map of the Dreamlands, as printed on the front & back inside covers:

More information and art soon! Thanks for reading!