I’ve got a new comic out! As always, I’m going to be attending the Alternative Press Expo, where I’ll be sharing a booth with my friends in the Couscous Collective. And the big debut of the show is KITTIES, a 60-page B&W and color anthology of feline-themed stories by some of my favorite creators & best friends! My own contribution is an 8-page adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands story “The Cats of Ulthar”.

I’ll be at APE both days (October 13-14), so if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, please come over to the Couscous booth and we can talk about Dream-Quest, King of RPGs, my Secret Lovecraft Project, and the general state of the world and the nature of human existence. Furthermore, if you’re there on Sunday afternoon, come to the APE workshops room on Sunday from 3-4 PM to play my new tabletop game… MANGAKA!

Draw the world’s greatest comics…or die trying! Mangaka is the stepchild of Pictionary, Telestrations and Dominion, a fast-paced card game for artists and storytellers where every round involves drawing cards and drawing comics. Fulfill your Obsessions, follow Trends, avoid Impairments, and compete with your fellow players to tell the greatest comic stories imaginable, even if you can’t even draw a stick figure! For fans of manga, graphic novels, webcomics and anyone with a sense of humor. Pens, paper and cards provided.

Even if you’re afraid you can’t draw, fear not; this is much more a game about time management and overall storytelling/creativity than about plain ol’ drawing. But why should I say more? Come and check it out for yourself! And see you at APE!