Happy Holidays 2016!
December 15th, 2016

Happy Holidays 2016!

Here’s some artwork I did about a year ago for a VR project with another company. Wishing you a great New Year full of friends, creativity and companionship!

We’ve got two new projects in the Mock Man store, each one representing a completed Kickstarter and many months of work (or years in the case of Mangaka). I hope you like them!

* The Map of Alien Invaders! A full-color 24″x36″ poster in the style of The Map of Zombies, it’s the ultimate guide to hostile alien life (in movies, books, TV, anime, etc)! From killer plants to blobs to bugs to giant planet-destroying slime monsters, the Map may be the only way to save your planet.

* Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics! This unique creative tabletop game combines the drawing of Pictionary or Telestrations with the strategy of a great card game. Play soitaire or competitively, and every game, every player ends up with a 4-page comic of their own creation! Check it out here, or learn more at mangakagame.com! Mangaka will also be available in stores in the Spring from Japanime Games.

Lastly, I drew artwork for a Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure, Blood in the Chocolate by Kiel Chenier! If you order the PDF, it has a new walkthrough map by yours truly, as well as lots of illustrations. Please check it out!

See you in 2017 with new art, new projects and possibly a new game!

My Homemade Dungeons & Dragons Class: The Priest

As you probably know, I love Dungeons & Dragons, and my favorite settings are historical (or, frankly, pseudo-historical) ones. Inspired by Scott Bennie’s amazing “Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical Era” and by my current Ancient Mesopotamia D&D campaign, I hereby present a homebrew D&D class I’ve been working on for several months: the Priest, keeper of secrets, shepherd of the community, worshipper of idols!
The Priest is a totally unofficial, fan-created, no-relation-to-the-good-folks-at-Wizards-of-the-Coast D&D class which I’ve statted out up to 20th level, with several variant builds (chiefly the Idol Aspects through which the priest worships their god: Praisehungry, Resplendent, Mortifying, Ecstatic and Bloodthirsty). As I explain briefly in the PDF, the Priest is an attempt to transform the D&D Cleric class back into something like the archetype of the ‘mysterious high priest’ as seen in an earlier type of fantasy fiction. The Cleric is basically a crusader/undead-buster class at heart, a holy warrior, but there’s plenty of precedent in fantasy for a different type of holy character… one who’s mysterious, a master of illusion and enchantment as well as of healing, more like a wizard than a cleric. This, plus much inspiration and flavor from real-world iconodulic religions, equals the Priest!

This is something I’ve been working on for awhile, and it probably still needs more tinkering and playtesting (many thanks to Shanti, the awesomest playtester ever!). But it’s the kind of thing where you’ve got to just throw it out there and see if it sinks or swims and what people think. The Priest’s special spell focus — the idol — makes an interesting roleplaying challenge, and some campaigns might prefer to have priests as NPCs (antagonists perhaps?) rather than player characters. Do whatever you like with it, but let me know what you think! This has been a fun vanity project inspired by my love of D&D, and if you get some enjoyment out of it, and best of all can use it in your own game, I’ll be super happy.

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 6, 2016: A much-updated version of the Priest is now available as the Priestess, a community-created D&D 5e product on Dungeon Master’s Guild! Please check it out and if you like it, throw me and the artist a few bucks!