It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this webpage, but (excuses excuses) I’ve been kinda busy. For one thing, in the middle of 2020, my spouse and I had a baby! So I’ve been juggling various other projects and work assignments (mostly gaming illustrations but also a little movie & TV design work, and also developing Dreamland RPG) with taking care of our wonderful, now 2-year-old daughter.

During the pandemic and afterwards, I’ve thought a lot about parenting and what this means for all my various interests including roleplaying games. And on that note despite everything else, Jumana and I found time to do some playtesting of a new D&D project: Dungeon Babies! Yes, Dungeon Babies! By far the biggest thing I have ever released on DMsGuild or written for Dungeons & Dragons, this is the D&D5e supplement you never knew you wanted… rules for playing hapless, preverbal newborn babies gifted with the powers of veteran adventurers.

Sure, there’s lots of RPGs aimed at children; I’ve worked on some myself. But what about a RPG where you PLAY children?? Ripped from the misty realm of the Vyraj, Dungeon Babies must do a more extreme version of what every baby does, venturing into a world of confusion and danger. Carried from dungeon to dungeon by The Stork, these brave babies must use all their teamwork, Baby Charm and special baby powers (and of course violence) to survive.

Yes, this is a real thing! 76 pages of baby classes, feats, spells and more, including actual play reports, DMing and playing tips, baby character sheets and over 20 pieces of artwork! Please check it out and get a copy on DMsGuild today! Unleash your inner child!

Thanks always for reading, I’ll post here when I have more news about my next big project! (And hopefully I’ll get to do some tinkering and cleaning-up of the whole site in the meantime.)