Celephais, Page 3

Celephais, Page 3

After a very long break, here’s another page of Celephais! Despite my various time commitments this month, I feel rotten about the lack of updates and I don’t want to completely fall off the face of the earth. so I think I’m going to try to put this comic back on a semi-regular update schedule of one page every two weeks. There are 8 more pages to go in this story, so that means I should be done around the end of the summer. Thanks for all your patience and apologies for the delay.


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  1. Ken Kobori says:

    I smiled when I noticed the nod (appropriate word, no?) to Maurice Sendak in the first two panels. Your rendition of Kuranes’ childhood home demonstrates that you would be the perfect artist to adapt William Hope Hodgson’s “The House on The Borderland” (although I do like parts of Richard Corben’s version). And I love the way you use screentone to depict the bright moonlight in panel four–just beautiful!

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks! After my incredibly slow update schedule, it’s really humbling and flattering (can something be simultaneously humbling and flattering?) to get your comments so quickly. I absolutely love Corben’s art, including his adaptation of “House on the Borderland”, although I’m not a huge fan of the changes to the story in his version. I had the honor of meeting Corben at NecronomiCON back in 1997 or 1999 (I forget when) and I wish that I’d gotten to meet him now that I have more social skills and don’t get so tongue-tied in the presence of artists I admire.

  3. Koji says:

    Great stuff, Jason! Looking forward to it. Would rather have you take your time and not get burnt out. It’s a treat to us every time there’s an update.

  4. KNO3 says:

    Thanks for drawing the most awesome mansion I have ever seen.

  5. jay says:

    such loveliness!

  6. Ken Kobori says:

    I agree with your comments re Corben’s version of “House on the Borderland”; the modern bits tend to yank me out of the atmosphere of the original story. But I can’t think of another comic artist who can visualize spiritual corruption and unspeakable evil better than Corben. That scene in the cellar near the yawning pit–ugh! His recent “Hellboy” collaboration with Mike Mignola may be the best thing he’s ever done.

  7. Esn says:

    Jason, will you be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend? I met you there last year.

    I’m sorry for not visiting for a few months, by the way… I was really stressed out and didn’t feel I could give your comic the time that it deserved. I keep wanting to read your stories in book form. Any news on that book, by the way? (Lovecraft comics collection)

  8. Jason says:

    @Esn – I don’t have a release date yet for the Lovecraft collection, but please hang in there! Hopefully I’ll have something to report before the end of 2011, after Celephais is finished.

  9. Bo says:

    Did you make the dreamquest of unknowng blabbettyblah comic? I remember reading an issue of that and this really reminds me of it.

  10. @Bo – Yep, that’s me!

  11. Bo says:

    Well I liked it, nice seeing the sequels(sorta) for free :)