Celephais, Page 4

Celephais, Page 4

Two days late, this is the next page of Celephais! I put up an earlier version on Wednesday night but I had to do some more work so I just re-uploaded the whole thing. (Ken, sorry I lost your comment when I deleted the older version of the page.)

And now, on a non-Lovecraftian note: I’m having two launch parties for volume 2 of my book, King of RPGs!

Green Lake Games, Seattle, WA
6:30-10:00 PM
The launch begins at Green Lake Games at 7509 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle, on Thursday, May 26. Join me from 6:30 to 10 PM for light food, drinks, a chance to buy a signed copy of the new book and to ask me when the Dream-Quest graphic novel is coming out! Plus open gaming at Seattle’s greatest game store… and at 8 PM, we’ll be running a game of MAID: THE RPG, the first ever professionally translated Japanese tabletop roleplaying game!
RSVP on Facebook (Seattle)

Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
5:30-7:30 PM
The San Francisco launch is at the Cartoon Art Museum at 655 Mission Street, San Francisco, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM on Saturday, June 4. Meet me and Victor Hao, the artist of King of RPGs, for beverages, light food and a talk about the process of making your own professionally published manga. Plus, Ewen Cluney, the actual translator of MAID: THE RPG, will be running a game at the event! Maid uniforms not required!
RSVP on Facebook (San Francisco)

If you’re in San Francisco or Seattle, please stop by! It’d be awesome to meet everyone, whether you like my Lovecraft stuff, my more manga-ish work, or both.


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  1. Ken Kobori says:

    No biggie, Jason–your art is worth more than whatever maunderings I post!

  2. Esn says:


    You know, I’m reading this amazing indie comic (graphic novel/anthology/autobiography) called “Capacity”, and Lovecraft seems to have gone over some of the same themes decades before. Timeless stuff here.

  3. Jason says:

    @Esn – Thank you for recommending “Capacity”! I hadn’t heard of it, but I recognized Theo Ellsworth’s artwork immediately, since I’ve picked up a few of his smaller things and minicomics at different comic conventions here on the West Coast. I love his artwork and I’ll be on the lookout for his graphic novel!