And once again, I’m back! Here’s the new page of Celephais, which was delayed while I was in San Francisco for the King of RPGs 2 launch party. (Did I mention that King of RPGs 2 has a Call of Cthulhu scene?) While drawing this page, I was mostly listening to various pop love songs and to the soundtrack of “Tiny Wings”, an iPhone game I like. I’ve also been looking around for the soundtrack to the old “Little Nemo in Slumberland” video game for the NES, which has a certain whimsical dreaminess to it as well, but I haven’t been able to find it (of course, the game itself was just a Super Mario Bros. 3 clone, and the movie was a mess, but the original comic is wonderful, so anyway…) That said, I don’t want anyone to question my qualifications to also draw scenes of soul-shattering terror.

I’m afraid the next Celephais page won’t be up till June 22. I’m working on another art project and I need to concentrate on that for the rest of the week. But hopefully the following page will be just a week later, on June 29. Can it happen? It can happen! Please wait for it, and thanks for reading!