Celephais, Page 11

Celephais, Page 11

Just one more page to go! Almost there…!

Rereading this story over and over for the adaptation, I was struck by how well-chosen the phrases are; it’s a very well-put-together tale. I also recently reread “Ex Oblivione” after being reminded of it by the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, and was struck by its similarities (and differences) from “Celephais.” Lovecraft definitely knew what themes he liked, and returned to them over and over, refining and modifying them. I remember when I was first reading his stories back in junior high I used to complain “But why isn’t there any dialogue?” or “But why can’t he do a story like (insert idea here)?”, but as time went on I grew to appreciate how he chose his color palette and stuck to it. (If you want grotesque mixtures of Lovecraft with things-Lovecraft-would-never-have-wanted-to-write, there’s always his collaborations with other authors.)

The next post will go up next Friday. At that time I’ll also have new, shocking announcements to make! Announcements which will blow your mind in a veritably Azathothian manner! What I’m tryin’ to say is, thanks for reading and come on back, I’ll be right here drawing.

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↓ Transcript
So many of you, like an army...! But why now, after all this time? Although you were gone less than a minute, we were worried, and came to find you. Less than a-- Since it was you who created Ooth-Nargai in your dreams, we are to take you there and crown you our god forevermore. They rode majestically through the downs of Surrey and onward toward the region where Kuranes and his ancestors were born. As the riders went on they seemed to gallop back through time, for whenever they passed through a village they saw only such houses as Chaucer and men before him might have seen. When it grew dark they traveled more swiftly, till soon they were flying uncannily as if in the air. In the dim dawn they came upon the village which Kuranes had seen alive in his childhood, and asleep or dead in his dreams. The horsemen clattered down the lane that ends in the abyss of dream, and Kuranes, who had previously entered that abyss only at night, wondered what it would look like by day.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Esn says:

    Panels 4 and 6 are my favourites in this one.

  2. Ken Kobori says:

    I’m not sure I would want to be the God of my own personal Dreamland–sure, it sounds sweet but there has to be a catch. For another, more biting view of the same theme, see Alfred Bester’s early novelette in Unknown Magazine, “Hell is Forever”.

    What are those batlike creatures in panel 6? Also, the cat in the next panel looks rather apprehensive; maybe he knows something we don’t. Can’t wait for the final page!

  3. Esn says:

    Well… I’m guessing the “catch” may be that everything after page 10 panel 6 is a hallucination taking place in the last moment before death.

    “To sleep, perchance to dream.”

  4. Jason says:

    Thanks, Esn! Ken, thank you for reminding me of “Hell is Forever.” What an incredible story…

    The bat-like creatures are supposed to have clock’s hands hanging from them in lieu of claws, although it’s a little blurry…. then again, who knows what shapes are flickering past them in that twilight?