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Rereading this story over and over for the adaptation, I was struck by how well-chosen the phrases are; it’s a very well-put-together tale. I also recently reread “Ex Oblivione” after being reminded of it by the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, and was struck by its similarities (and differences) from “Celephais.” Lovecraft definitely knew what themes he liked, and returned to them over and over, refining and modifying them. I remember when I was first reading his stories back in junior high I used to complain “But why isn’t there any dialogue?” or “But why can’t he do a story like (insert idea here)?”, but as time went on I grew to appreciate how he chose his color palette and stuck to it. (If you want grotesque mixtures of Lovecraft with things-Lovecraft-would-never-have-wanted-to-write, there’s always his collaborations with other authors.)

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