Celephais, Pages 12-13

Celephais, Pages 12-13

This isn’t the original version of page 12 of Celephais; originally the story was two pages shorter, but I went back and added this new two-page spread when I was revising the book for the graphic novel publication. The older version is probably floating around there somewhere on the wayback machine of the internet if you really want to find it, but I think this one turned out much better. As Kuranes returns to the city, time seems to stand still…

Due to the weirdness of ComicPress, I couldn’t put up a “two-page spread” and thus the art is scrunched, but you can see the larger version of the page here.


  1. Josh says:

    I want to buy this from you so badly, this is absolutely incredible. An amazing job on what is literally my favorite story of all time, you have done it justice and far beyond.