The Club of the Seven Dreamers

For those who didn’t get it on Kickstarter, I’ve posted my Lovecraftian d20 RPG adventure, The Club of the Seven Dreamers, on the Mockman store. Named after the planned (but apparently never written) novel of the same name by Lovecraft, it’s a short RPG adventure set in the Dreamlands, featuring seven pregenerated characters who represent some of Earth’s mightiest dreamers. It is the story of their quest, and their downfall. (?)

I originally wrote “The Club of the Seven Dreamers” for NecronomiCon 2001, because I wanted to run a Dreamlands game there. I tried to draw from Lovecraft’s more obscure Dreamlands stories — “The Green Meadow,” “Hypnos”, “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” — as well as from Lord Dunsany and Gary Myers. For the PDF version I wrote it out in the d20 system, so it’s compatible with D&D 3rd edition, D&D 3.5, Pathfinder etc. Alternately, with some work you could adapt it to another system, such as the original Call of Cthulhu “Dreamlands” supplement. It’s about one or two nights’ worth of gaming, and I enjoyed writing it, although it is a rather atypical “Dreamlands” game. I like to think of it as a philosophical Dreamlands adventure, although it does have some potential gruesome violence, and horrible fates aplenty…

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