The Ballard Troll

The Ballard Troll

This piece was drawn in 4 hours for a sketch jam with the awesome folks at the Mythos Art Club, aka Sketch Jam Sunday. The theme of everyone’s illustrations was “Scandinavian (Norse) gods and mythological figures stranded in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood,” a la Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, so I took the easy way out and drew a troll. You can see the piece on display till the end of February 2013 at the Umpqua Bank on 2032 NW Market Street in Seattle.

The movie Trollhunter is probably the most authentic depiction of ‘classic’ trolls I’ve ever seen — it’s got great special effects and good troll designs — although frankly, I really wish they’d spent more time on the plot. Of course, Seattle already has a troll, but that one only has a single head, despite its prodigious size. Also, that’s in a whole different neighborhood! They estimate that each troll needs at least a square mile of urban area (or 100 sq. miles of thinly populated rural area) in which to feed, so clearly there’s enough foraging potential for a dozen or so separate trolls to live in Seattle.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Matthew says:

    Great pic. I love your troll and your Boston Terrier. I agree about Trollhunter…I love that they went for a fairy-tale troll rather than that recent trend of “based-in-biological-reality” approach to monsters.

  2. Esn says:

    That is awesome! I especially love the head that’s poking its nose out of the manhole cover!

  3. Night-Gaunt says:

    Now we are getting a modern remake of “Jack the Giant Killer (or Slayer)” is coming out soon.

    Nicely drawn. Though I have had trouble coming across any definitive descriptions of trolls. Large, muscular and not as smart as the humans they resemble.