“Man in strange subterranean chamber– seeks to force door of bronze– overwhelmed by influx of waters.”
H.P. Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book, entry #59

This is the second of a pair of drawings I did for a Lovecraft exhibit several years ago at the Musee d’Ailleurs, a science fiction museum/gallery in Switzerland. I chose this quote from Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book, over some of the more obviously supernatural or horrific Commonplace Book entries, because it’s a strong, simple, dreamlike image. When drawing the water, I used the Victorian clip art in Max Ernst’s Une Semaine de Bonte for inspiration and reference — appropriately, since the whole image has a sort of surreal (Freudian?) feeling. This piece, like the other one, is currently on display at the “Lovecraft: A Darker Key” art show at Sanctuary in Portland, Maine until May 31 — here’s a bunch of photos if you can’t make it.

I’ve been drawing more or less continuously for the last month, and I’ll have more art up on Wednesday! In the meantime, some of my art appears in issue #8 of Graeme Phillips’ zine Cyaegha, along with work by other artists, and poetry and fiction by Mythos writers such as Eddy C. Bertin among others (including numerous Dutch and German authors). If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, check out the site or email Graeme Phillips for more information.