The Stiff: Chapter 1: Page 22

The Stiff: Chapter 1: Page 22

It’s amazing, and not in a good way, that these pages are late considering they were drawn over 10 years ago. Sorry, I was caught up doing something else and didn’t set up the upload for last night! Today, I’m working on my “Sleep of Reason” comic, printing out some new “Mangaka” cards, and tending to a hairball-coughing dachshund.


Discussion (4)¬

  1. Ken Kobori says:

    It’s so much fun watching these teenagers hang out together I don’t really care if the zombies ever show up or not!

    Sadly, no high school girl ever offered to “lower my morals”. Sigh…..

  2. Jason says:

    I can’t say that particular line is taken from life either, at least not my life.

  3. Ken Kobori says:

    Thanks–that makes me feel a little better! On a slightly more serious note, are the characters based on any particular people of your acquaintance?

  4. Some of the people are based on real life, others are composites or made-ups. I can’t really be specific about who came from what real-life inspiration, though; it’s all definitely fiction in the end. Like what they say about making sausages…