It’s Friday! It’s summer in Seattle, rainy in the mornings and green & sunny in the afternoons, or, to quote from H.P. Lovecraft:

“It was in midsummer, when the alchemy of nature transmutes the sylvan landscape to one vivid and almost homogeneous mass of green; when the senses are well-nigh intoxicated with the surging seas of moist verdure and the subtly indefinable odors of the soil and the vegetation.”

Incidentally, did anyone else realize that Groucho Marx and H.P. Lovecraft were born in the same year? Why didn’t he write a poem about the Marx Bros. instead of Charlie Chaplin? Whatever. (Okay, Charlie Chaplin is all right too. But there’s no one like the Marx Bros. I’m glad that Lonely Island called them out as an influence.)

In other news:

* I appear this week on the The Double Shadow podcast, where I join the gang as they discuss Clark Ashton Smith’s story “The Seven Geases.” This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite fantasy (/horror?) stories, and I was super thrilled to be invited to talk about it. They’re a really, really good podcast even (perhaps especially?) when I’m not on there to mumble all over their lines. Go listen to them!!!
* I drew more D&D comics! Here are the fourth and final installments of “The Keep on 16th & Valencia: Into the Pit of Madness.” These were a lot of fun to draw, and I may be doing more in the future. If you like ’em, be sure to comment on the Wizards of the Coast website.
* Here’s the latest of my (usually) weekly articles on Anime News Network, about Twin Spica.

I’ll be back on Monday! See you then!