The Stiff: Chapter 3: Page 89

The Stiff: Chapter 3: Page 89

I’ve got a champion now for the worst ‘zombie’ movie I’ve ever watched: FROZEN SCREAM (1975). This is the most ineptly made movie I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that’s so amazingly bad, it’s hard to imagine that anyone working on it ever thought it was ready to show to other human beings. The actors would all be senior citizens now, could they dare to face up to the existence of this movie if they were reminded of it? Like aged war criminals, what would they do when confronted with evidence of their pasts? WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY???

Anyway, it’s so bad I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes of it. It’s the kind of movie that MST3K was made for, although apparently it was never shown there (on a side note, I wonder if the makers of MST3K ever considered doing a companion show that would cover bad movies with too much sex & violence to show up on regular MST3K? Not that Frozen Scream really has any of that either). This review of it really says it all.


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  1. RonDune says:

    Hey, I just caught up, and the art style/psychological drama is completely unique ! I doubt there’s anything like this out there. Keep up the great work.
    Also, I was a semi-infrequent reader of “House of 1000 Manga”, so the io9 article caught me by surprise. Small world.

    PS: My favourite worst zombie movie ever : Go Goa Gone

  2. Night-Gaunt says:

    One of my favorite “zombie” movies really isn’t one. That would be the Resident Evil series. It is about much more than a side affect. And the infection adapts too! Even the film version of “World War Z” made them look more like rabies victims on hyper adrenalin drive than the dead-alive. That would be just as dangerous believe me.

    I also like the three “Herbert West-Reanimator” movies though the resurrected people didn’t exactly eat anyone. However in the original Lovecraft stories Dean Halsy was said to have eaten several victims of the plague after jumping out of a 2nd story window and running away.

  3. Hi RonDune, nice to meet you!! I hope you like The Stiff and House of 1000 Manga as they both continue. I just have to ask you… how did you see “Goa Goa Gone”?!? I’ve been trying to see that but I couldn’t find it on Netflix, Google Play, Youtube or in video stores. :)

  4. @Night-Gaunt — I like the Resident Evil games, but not the movies; too action-movie, no horror (I guess the first one was the best). It’s true, Reanimator was the first fast cannibal zombies! :) (Though of course they’re not infectious…)

  5. RonDune says:

    Hey Jason, I watched the movie in the theater actually : it got great word of mouth here in India – by people who have never seen a zombie movie before …
    You can watch it here:!/movie/watch/1005076/3.-go-goa-gone/6114744/go-goa-gone?ap=1
    (Eros is legitimate online streaming business in India, though not good enough for just one movie, I suppose)

  6. @RonDune — Thanks for telling me about it! I watched it; in tone it reminded me a lot of the Dutch film “Kill Zombie”, but with somewhat higher production values and generally better/more enjoyable.

    And I love that moral: Only Zombies Do Drugs! ;) But that cocaine scene at the end was great…