I’ve got a champion now for the worst ‘zombie’ movie I’ve ever watched: FROZEN SCREAM (1975). This is the most ineptly made movie I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that’s so amazingly bad, it’s hard to imagine that anyone working on it ever thought it was ready to show to other human beings. The actors would all be senior citizens now, could they dare to face up to the existence of this movie if they were reminded of it? Like aged war criminals, what would they do when confronted with evidence of their pasts? WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY???

Anyway, it’s so bad I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes of it. It’s the kind of movie that MST3K was made for, although apparently it was never shown there (on a side note, I wonder if the makers of MST3K ever considered doing a companion show that would cover bad movies with too much sex & violence to show up on regular MST3K? Not that Frozen Scream really has any of that either). This review of it really says it all.