The Stiff: Chapter 3: Page 100

The Stiff: Chapter 3: Page 100

Merry Christmas, if that’s your thing! Jay and I will be sitting in front of a warm fire, opening stockings and drinking cider, talking to relatives I don’t see nearly enough, and watching our dachshund frolic with my parents’ Golden Lab. (POST-CHRISTMAS EDIT: The two dogs didn’t frolic together much, sadly. In fact, our dog immediately went into the center of the living room and peed on the carpet, as she is wont to do whenever she is a guest in a house with another dog. I know, you gotta establish who’s boss, but… sigh…)

100 pages of The Stiff… and there’s still more than 100 pages to go before I get to the new material! I’m already thinking about it and making notes and anticipating the looming resurrection on the horizon.


Discussion (4)¬

  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    “When Hell is full the dead will walk” nice line but doesn’t fit current Christology.

  2. Sam says:

    does that poster in the background say friend zone.

  3. Ken Kobori says:

    I repeat, I don’t care if the zombies never show up. You’ve hooked me with the characters alone.

    I know completion of the story is a long way away, but do you have plans to publish all 200+ pages of it in a book eventually? I hope so, Jason.

  4. @Night-Gaunt — Actually, there is at least one zombie novel written from a fundamentalist Christian Raptural perspective, “The Dead” by Mark E. Rogers, who also created the awesome Samurai Cat series.

    @Sam — It’s supposed to say “Drug Free Zone,” though it’s cut off.

    @Ken — Thanks, I’d love to collect “The Stiff” in some format eventually. There’s a lot more to go, of course…!