The Stiff: Chapter 4: Page 164

The Stiff: Chapter 4: Page 164

There’s a quote from Sonny Chiba’s “The Streetfighter” — or is it “Streetfighter 2”? — that I always associate with this storyline of “The Stiff.” Chiba’s rival martial artist is scoffing at the quality of martial arts nowadays: “Now it’s just a game for children,” he says. In my mind, I mutated that line till it became “Now, it’s just a child’s game”, turning it into a sort of electronic music trance sample, and while I drew these pages, it repeated over and over in my head.

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  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    Something Kato (Bruce Lee) says in the second part of the Batman/Green Hornet cross over, “Gung Fu is Gung
    Fu, it is not child’s play.” He says to Brit before they go out to wrap up an operation and Batman will be involved.