This is the first live-updated post I’ve put up in four weeks (which of course is why it’s late -_-; ). I’m finally back from my month-long vacation of madness, traveling overseas to Jordan to visit my in-laws! But this was no ordinary trip… my wife literally Shanghaied me and surprised me by taking me to two other countries, Turkey and Greece!!

Yes, for my 40th birthday (which is actually in the Fall) my amazing & darling wife took me on a trip to the Mediterranean, to two historic countries I’ve always dreamed of visiting. It was all a secret up till the last minute; she claimed we were just going from Amman to Aqaba, the seaside port of Jordan, to spend a week. But the inconsistencies kept piling up (a week seems like an awful lot of time to spend in Aqaba, frankly) and finally one of her relatives let something slip in Arabic, not realizing I’ve actually been improving my Arabic-comprehension abilities, and I figured out what was going on. Of course, I didn’t figure it out till about 12 hours before we jumped on the plane, so basically I completely fell for it, minus 12 hours of suspecting that we were actually going Greeceward.

Anyway, it was an amazing trip, and we met some cool people. I’m going to post about it here over the next few days of updates, although I’ve also said a bit on my twitter account. I’ll say more over the next few weeks.

….Oh! I almost forgot! I’m going to be going to Go Play NW, the Seattle indy game convention, on June 27-29! If you’re in the area, come by and playtest my Lovecraft-Dunsany RPG “Dreamland: A RPG of Fantasy and Memory” on the night of Saturday the 28th! I may also run a game of Mangaka if time permits. There’s more information in the Go Play NW forums, so please check it out!