Zombie Honeymoon: Veggie Zombies

Zombie Honeymoon: Veggie Zombies

Surprise! Here’s another one of the zombie portraits I made for backers of “The Map of Zombies” project. My assignment this time was to draw vegetarian zombies, so these two undead are chowing down on cabbage, Thai eggplants, etc. Their ghoulish stares perhaps make them look more threatening than was strictly necessary, considering all they’re eating is plant matter. OTOH, wouldn’t hordes of plant-eating undead be an ecological catastrophe, like uncontrolled livestock grazing? Horrifying!


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  1. Erik Arneson says:


  2. Night-Gaunt says:

    Yes yes it would. Though it would take a long while for them to eat all the vegitation. Unless they went after the kind of food we eat—–then there would be trouble. (Said in the tone of Robo Cop from 1983)

    Got a copy of a SiFi disaster novel called, “The Last Blade of Grass.” Now that is horrible. People are starving, violence is at an all time high and of course once all the starved cattle are killed and eaten humans are all that is left as the world dies.

  3. Jason Thompson says:

    @Night-Gaunt — Do you mean the novel “The Death of Grass” which was adapted into a movie in the ’70s? I read that in paperback in a used bookstore… I have to admit it wasn’t one of my favorite disaster novels, it really grinds in the “you have to be amoral to survive” message but it doesn’t have any of the nice descriptions & poetic writing & greater ecological awareness that you find in, say, J.G. Ballard. (I’m Ballard-spoiled. -_- )

    Reading “The Death of Grass” in 2014, its pre-globalism perspective also feels weird, although I don’t know how much that’s the reality of the ’60s or the visionary/writing failures of the author… I feel that even 50 years ago, there’d be more of a panic as the entire outside world dies of crop failure, but in “Death of Grass” the protagonists seem almost totally unconcerned with the grass-killing plague which has devastated the rest of the world, and they don’t start caring until it conquers Britain.

  4. Joe says:

    IT reminds me of the scene in Stephen King’s Cell where the zombies are eating pumpkins. Though remembering that is an attempt to inject humor into this. Yes, these zombies are scary.

  5. Jason Thompson says:

    I still haven’t read “Cell” from cover to cover, actually… I really ought to, but I’ve already read all the spoilers I could find on the Internet…

  6. Night-Gaunt49 says:

    No, the title is “No Blade of Grass” published in 1957. I checked and found I had garbled the title. I have the Signet edition. By John Christopher. He made it global since the first creation of the accidental plague happens from China and several other places contribute to its creation and it is affecting everyone. The Cold War has barely started and the World War had been over for just 12 years. I was born in that year.

    Sure the current incarnation of “zombies” are scary since they act like ghouls wanting to eat we the living. They were us.