* I’ve finally recovered — almost — from the flu/cough/something/sickness I’ve had since last Tuesday night.
* I ran a playtest of DREAMLAND: THE ROLEPLAYING GAME, the third playtest so far. Lots of good ideas and lots of help balancing the system, but the players responded well to the basic premise and mechanics. Highlights of the evening gameplay-wise included a pit inhabited by a giant monstrous slug-hydra which killed a PC and sucked out his blood with its many toothless mouthes (the first PC death during a playtest!!); the city of the pale beautiful men and women, which would have been very pleasant to stay in forever except that the inhabitants subsisted entirely on imaginary food; the party Troubadour repeatedly Breaking the World with his incredible song and sending the other PCs into wildly uncontrollable rages and passions; the escape from the city of the Dark Blue Men; a long boat ride of 22 days downriver through a peaceful jungle where lions lay down with lambs; and the climax on the Island Where Dreams Come True.
* I’m going to be DMing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign! Not sure when the first game will be still, but the subject matter and setting will be: Pirates in the Persian Gulf in Ancient Sumeria. This was the compromise decided on by the players when I asked them to choose between an Ancient Mesopotamia and Pirates campaign. -_- Not to count my dice before they hatch, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.
* More immediately, our guests for the holidays are finally out of town for the moment and now I’m playing catch-up with work.

NEXT UPDATE: Wednesday!