Our New Project: Cartooner!
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  1. Dranorter

    Our Story Game playtesting group played Mangaka in January or so and it was tons of fun. (Honestly I think we should probably spend more time on playing other peoples’ games than we do… Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that.) It’s also a bit more accessible to “non-gamers” than our usual fare. I’d be happy to buy an expansion! And I guess making it about American comics makes it even more accessible!

  2. @Dranorter – I’m so glad you liked Mangaka!! :) Cartooner has basically the same rules, but we clarified & changed a few minor things, and we tried to reduce the upper limit of complexity of the Trend cards — there’s a few in Mangaka that I wish I’d done differently in retrospect. Please share the Kickstarter, we’d love the help!

  3. Alex F

    Mister Thompson, your “The Strange High House in the Mist” comics is amazing
    I even wanted to translate it on my native language for my friends (and subscribers), with all original links and author mentioning, of course
    Would you mind me doing so?

  4. Jason Bradley Thompson

    @Alex F – Sure, feel free, as long as you are not printing it! :)

    Can I ask, what’s your native language?

  5. Jason Bradley Thompson

    @Alex F – And thank you for asking!! :)

  6. Barbara Cottrell

    I just ordered your beautiful map of The Dreamlands. I was wondering if anyone has ever marked the path Randolph Carter took in Dream Quest of Unknown Kaddath. My impression is he traveled over much of the known Dreamlands!

  7. @Barbara – Thanks for the order, I hope you like the poster! I don’t know if anyone has ever done a map of Carter’s path, but I think it wouldn’t be that hard to do… the main thing would be needing to show the trip to the moon and back, and the trip to the underworld and back, without making the lines too confusing :)

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