Previews is Diamond Comic Distributor’s monthly catalog of stuff coming out in the comic book direct market. Go to the latest issue of Previews, the January 2012 issue with the Adam Hughes “Fables” cover (no, I didn’t draw this)…

…turn to page 312, under “Mock Man Press,” and there is the listing for “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and Other Stories!” It even got a Certified Cool listing, which is awesome!

Yes, it’s coming out soon! The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and Other Stories (including The White Ship, The Strange High House in the Mist and Celephais, plus about 8 pages of sketches & rare concept art) will be in comic stores in late March 2012. It’s going to be a 184 page hardcover for a retail price of $25. All of this is thanks for the generosity of Kickstarter supporters, who will be getting their copies before the books hit shops; international supporters will get their books a little before supporters in the US.

If you weren’t a backer but you’d like to get a copy of the book, or if you are a backer and you’d like to get an extra copy for someone or get more copies out there of the book with your name in it, go to your local comic store before the end of January and ask them to order a bunch of copies of Dream-Quest! I’m only selling 500 signed copies in the direct comic shops market, since most of the others are spoken for by the wonderful Dreamers at Kickstarter. Anyway, store-owners and everyone, please check it out! Thanks for all your support!